NSR: Chapel Club "Surfacing"

BTW if you like studenty, British music Palace, the debut album from Chapel Club, was released in the U.K. today. You should get it by whatever means you use to obtain your music these days. They've also got a handful of U.S. dates coming up in March so cop some tickets as well. And just to complete the trifecta download Ewan Pearson's glitchy, techy remix of "Surfacing" for the ride home tonight. Don't say I never gave you anything.

NFL Gets Soccer Makeover Just in Time For SuperBowl


Can you imagine how many American heads would explode if the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers trotted out onto the field at JerryWorld on Sunday rocking these soccer-inspired kits? Shedloads, that's how many; you'd be picking bits of brain out of your blue cheese dip for days (and yet you would probably still eat your hot wings).

But somebody out there --probably a foreigner or fellow fan of this "communist sport"-- possessing an eye for design, baller-assed Photoshop skills and a desire to see futbol/football miscegenation come to life created a slew of these fake kits and they are f*cking awesome. Seriously, these are better than many soccer jerseys and every NFL jersey out there today. If anyone knows who did these holler at me; they deserve all credit due.

UPDATE: Creator found. Rhode Island represent!

Baby Bradley is a Villain (and Not Just to Mexico Fans)

Shout out to Micheal Bradley for his loan to Aston Villa. With 4 Yanks now on the books the Villains have moved well beyond Fulham in the "we'll sign anyone with a whiff of light beer & cheeseburgers about them"-race and that's kinda special. Keeps it interesting.

I'll tell you this as well: if Baby Bradley plays for Villa as well as he's played Heerenveen and Borussia MonchenGladWrap I guarantee you he will not be there long before his loan goes permanent or he gets snatched up by one of the EPL's glamor clubs. If he doesn't I'll eat one of Kyle Beckerman's sweaty, post-practice dreads.


VIDEO: Total Skills Volume 26

I'm still bored but this makes things a little bit better. More please.


I'm Bored


Now that the off-season is over can the pre-season please be over too? I. Am. Bored. I'm at that point in the calendar year where there is nothing worth blogging about because there is nothing going on with the teams except beep-tests and 8v8 games. Ugh.

Can we please get a juicy transfer or a paternity scandal sometime soon because I am dangerously close to blogging just to say I did...and at that point I need to just stop.


Pat McAfee is No Deon, Bo or Even Bryan Jordan

Here's Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee training with the Columbus Crew and I can assure his current employers that he is in no danger of picking up a new job.

Former LA Players to Get People Drunk Tonight!


Cobi Jones & Kevin Hartman are bar-tending at Cobi's restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA tonight. What are the odds of some local blogger sitting at the bar and unwittingly pumping Jones for information on the Cosmos while the two for Galaxy players reenact scenes from Cocktail behind the bar? Probably low but it's worth a shot; somebody at UCSB Gauchos Blog, please make this happen.


NSR: Destroyer "Kaputt"

Who's down to get weird with a little soft rock, leotards and flying whales?

Found in Philly: Jeremiah White


So Philly's being all coy & whatnot by stonewalling on the identity of five trialists they have in camp right now. But a pair of them have been IDed by some local soccer sleuths and one of them is none other than American soccer's prodigal son/FC Delco product Jeremiah White. Surprising, but a good get if Philly can keep him.

And that's the interesting part to me; White was drafted by, but never played for, New England so they may still hold his rights. If that's the case, what do you think he's worth in the MLS market? Draft picks? Allocation money? Tradebait? U2 tickets?


Photo of the Day: Should These Two Be A Couple?


Henrooney has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Much better than Brangelina or TomKat. Either way I don't think these two will be on the cover of US Weekly nearly as many times as the other conjoined-namers but I'm far more interested in seeing their upcoming work than I am in seeing another Tomb Raider or Mission: Impossible flick. Oh and so is The Daily Mail.

The RBNY Shuffle: Solli In, Ubiparipovic Out?


Apparently the long-rumored signing of noted prog-house DJ/Norwegian international Jan Gunnar Solli has come to pass in Harrison. And since he's wearing the number 8 and Sinisa Ubiparipovic's name has been removed from the club's roster I'm guessing that Ubi is no longer a member of Team Taurine.

So congratulations Anthony Ampaipatakwong, looks like you're a lock to win the Longest Name in MLS crown in your rookie season.


A Booty-Bass Anthem for the GenAdi Generation


It took less than 12 hours for the hilarious call on Teal Bunbury's PK goal against Chile to hit the web in remixed form, proving that the phrase "the streets can't wait" applies to footy-freaks as well as hip hop heads.

I think every U.S. Soccer fan under the age of 45 should make this their ringtone for the week because it's stupidly fantastic. If you own an automobile with an outsized soundsystem bump this sh*t 'til the trunk rattles off it's hinges. If you own two turntables and a Serato setup drop this jawn at approximately 11:45 pm every Saturday night from now until the Egypt game. And if you are Teal Bunbury you now have a personal theme song; rock this like you wrote it, son.


That Buddle Goal


Edson Buddle scored in his German debut today. You probably read about it on Twitter but in case you didn't see it, here it is. And as an aside the Duisburg keeper he scored on was American David Yeldell; kinda cool, kinda not cool if you know what I mean. It's like the American-abroad equivalent of black-on-black crime (we're heading for self-destruction y'all).

Portland and the Parking Problem

A couple of questions here:

1. Why is it that there is never anyone under the age of 40 at town hall or city council meeting?

2. Why does the reporter pepper his speech with such odd pauses?

3. Did he really just say "park their ride?"

VIDEO: Total Skills Volume 25

If you were in New York City during the summer of 2004 you remember it as the moment Reggaeton ate Manhattan. It was all Daddy Yankee & Tego Calderón, all the time. And I mean all the time. Sh*t was as omnipresent as bodega's, tourists, yellow cabs and James Iha south of 14th St. But then, mercifully, it went away.

Apparently it's "back" on the footie mixtape scene though but since it's coupled with all manner of on-pitch nastiness it seems tolerable for the non-initiated. But for only about 3 minutes; anything more than that and your head will f*cking explode.

Deuce on the Topic of Change

Something something Nike money something something...


And You Thought Your Team Has Silly Name


Joseph Ngwenya is now D.C. United property but reports out of Africa say he's still in his native Zimbabwe and training with a local club called...Chicken Inn. Suddenly Thailand Tobacco Monopoly doesn't seem that bad.

Kosuke Kimura: Big in Japan

The Rapids' Kosuke Kimura is big in Japan. Which is kinda fitting since is from there and all. I have no idea what they're saying about him because I am an ignorant, English-only American but I did hear the word "Beckham" in there towards the beginning. So I'm going to assume they were talking about Colorado trading Kimura to LA for Becks because that's the only logical reason his name would be brought up*.

In other "Asia is Awesome" news, Lee Nguyen is big in Vietnam.

*Beckham isn't going anywhere, obviously.


Angel Flys Away


He's yours ladies and homosexualists of Los Angeles. Enjoy.

Brek Shea & Dax McCarty Star in Asher Roth Biopic

A day in the life of FC Dallas' Brek Shea & his former club teammate Dax McCarty is about so much more than standout hair color and driving around town bumping Lil Wayne & Massive Attack. It's also about applying liberal amounts of sunblock to Dax's freckled self, playing XBOX with your roommate, eating PB& J sandwiches, making anyone in the car other than yourself pay for the petrol and occasionally playing soccer.

Basically it's college without the girls, booze or classes.

SuperDraft 2007: Raw, Uncut & Dated

I have no idea where this came from but if you can get past the first 1.5mins it’s kinda fantastic: 25+ minutes of outtakes and unfiltered footage from the 2007 SuperDraft, the first MLS draft to ever be televised.

It’s as long as Marco Ethceverry’s Jheri Curl mullet but kinda funny. It has talk of Beckham’s arrival (which was announced the day before), Alan Hopkins playing hype man to the Chicago & Columbus supporters in the house, Mo Edu rapping and Rob Stone cussin'. Oh and Wynalda taking phone calls about land deals. Good times.

H/T to KR for the heads up.


Robbie Savage in the Barber's Chair Being Vain, Talking Vancouver

There's just so much to talk about in this clip. Everything from Savage taking a swipe at Robbie Mustoe, Craig Forrest, Warren Barton and assorted ESPN analysts to the liberal use of the expression "no disrespect" while in fact being disrespectful to some frank talk on his offer from Vancouver.

Robbie Savage is a good player but a better personality and this clip kind of shows why. If he did decide to come to MLS he'd be such a media darling. He'd also be the most vainglorious thing to touch an MLS pitch since the days of Eddie Johnson referring to himself in the third person.

But be worried Vancouver fans (and trainers): if this is his idea of pre-game meal, yikes.

"The Chicago Fire Promote David Hamlett to Coach or Maybe Captain or Whatever"

"For more coverage type "MLS" into Google and I'm sure you'll find something."

Grumpy Olde Man: In Which SF Complains About the Weather

I'm just going to put this out there. There is a good chance that if you live in an MLS market the weather outside is frightful. Here in New York it's as if God spilled his clear, lemon-lime Slushie all over the city. It's disgusting and it makes you question why anyone lives anywhere in this country other than Southern California and South Beach.

And after watching this random training video from the current USMNT camp in Carson, I don't know why anyone would want to play soccer anywhere else. I can't imagine how bummed out dudes feel when they hear that they've been traded from LA or Chivas to Toronto or Chicago; that's not a knock on the organizations, the cities or the fans...it's just that the weather at the beginning and end of the season has the potential to be worse than that new Ashton Kutcher film*.

Perhaps this is why seemingly everyone in American soccer has lived in Manhattan Beach, CA at one point. Off the top of my head I know that Landon Donovan, Cobi Jones, Mia Hamm, Bob Bradley, Alexi Lalas and Sigi Schmid all have places there right now. Seriously, it's the Melrose Place of American soccer. Why? Because it never rains and I don't have to own a heavy coat.

I'm sorry for this completely unnecessary ramble but your boy is grumpy today. So in closing, screw winter.

*It doesn't matter when you read this post, the new Ashton Kutcher film is always terrible.


VIDEO: That Mo Edu Goal

Nice goal by Mo. It's all about the juke though...that's some vintage Emmitt Smith sh*t right there.


NSR: Glasvegas "The World is Yours"

Former QPR man James Allan's Glasvegas is back with a new drummer, a new, synth-laden single and the requisite video for the ADD generation. It's not bad but it's no "Geraldine."


VIDEO: Salgado's Homecoming

Number one SuperDraft pick Omar Salgado arrived home in El Paso, TX yesterday with a handful of family and reporter-types on hand to greet him at the airport and he reveals that even he was shocked that he went that high in the draft. And here I just thought it was us, the chattering classes of the soccersphere.

He also says that his goal is to play for Real Madrid and that he may go on loan before he plays for the Whitecaps. Where would he go on loan in the U.S.? The USL? The NASL? If he doesn't get his waiver this could get real interesting.


Pass the Plate for Gringos at the Gate

Attention brothers, sisters and fellow members of the congregation of the Church of American Soccer: it's time to pass around the collection plate.

The creators of the independent film Gringos at the Gate need our help to get their movie out of the edit bay and into theaters/DVD players so it's time to put up (cash) or shut up; watch the clip above to find out how you can help make this bit of celluloid soccer magic happen.

When the trailer dropped last year I was real stoked about this. Like "Andy Dick winning the Cocaine and Twinks lottery"-stoked. So c'mon y'all, help a brother help some other brothers out.


Viva Futbol #66

Alarazboy drops mixtape number 66 and it's his most NSFW work yet. Not just for Luda's potty mouth but for the sheer nastiness of the moves on dispaly; hold on to your butts.

Apparently Luke Rodgers is Coming to New York

According to this Dateline-esque video Luke Rodgers is coming to New York. No word from RBNY yet but you can bet Sky will be disappointed for breaking out such a romantic fireplace on the first date if there isn't a real possibility of Rodgers gettin' it in.


FYI Ya'll I'm at the Combine

Not that I assume anyone is looking, but you can find me here, over here and over here for the next few days. Holla.

Also, I'm going on a swamp boat with a Rooney brother tomorrow. Living. The. Dream.


NSR: Adele "Rolling in the Deep" (Jamie XX Shuffle Mix)

Heading to Ft. Lauderdale in the a.m. (aka Spring Break for MLS coaches) and this will be ON BLAST in the rental car all weekend. Ususally I'm not one for Adele's warbling but this remix has a "See Line Woman"-vibe about it that helps it rise above her usual Amy Winehouse-meets-Kate Nash routine. Further proof that Jamie XX is one of the premier turd-polishers remixing today.

Your 2010/11 Deuce Dempsey Mixtape

Clint Dempsey magic,
He wears a magic hat,
He took a look at Robert Green,
And said "I fancy that",
He'll score 'em with his left foot,
He'll score 'em with his right,
And when he plays for Fulham,
He'll score all f***in' night...


RSL & Their Breakdancing Lion are Coming for Your Children

When I was in elementry school we had the theatre students from the local community college (Grayson County Community College, stand up!) come by and do a rendition of "Peter Pan." It sucked. But the privileged youth of today? They get a cotdamn back-flipping, boogalooing, soccer-obsessed lion to come to their auditorium and indoctrinate them into the church of MLS. Did I get jipped or what?

And BTW isn't this eerily reminiscent of the Minotaur Energy Drink presentation in the film Role Models?

The Jozy Altidore USMNT Mixtape

The Boy King of New York & Jersey may not be getting as much playing time for his club as most of us would like to see but that's not going to stop 723 Films from dropping a mixtape of his USMNT exploits. And that's a good thing really because I think some folks out there have forgotten just how hot the kid is; don't let all the Spanish pine-riding fool you, dude is still probably the most legit American striker since Waldo.


Chivas USA Fans: Does This Picture Scare You?


That's your new coach and his assistant in the colors of the enemy; they're basically getting the band back together but on a new label...are y'all down with it?

Rafa Marquez to Chelsea


Did y'all see Rafa's new spot in Chelsea yet? Dude is living. I know TiTi's ass castle in Soho had a higher price tag but this place has 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. In Manhattan that is just an unheard of amount of space, usually reserved for the Mayoral residence or the house from The Royal Tenenbaums. I wonder what it would take to get myself invited over there for an evening of Sol's and Real Madrid bashing before the close of the 2011 regular season?

Poolside Interview with HP4 Not Nearly as Awesome as it Could Be

Heath Pearce, his mustache, a swimming pool, an off-screen interviewer and a really awkward camera angle: a boring interview with a seriously weird vibe about it. Yikes.

Some of You May Have Thought That Josh Wicks' Career Was Finished


Oh it's not finished...it's just Finnish. So it's official: America's leading exports are tobacco, civilian aircraft, whiskey, tween stars, hip-hop and goalkeepers. Y'all welcome.


U.S. Soccer's 2010 Mixtape

The year in Yankified footie highlights.