Reigning Champ x Gastown F.C.


Gastown FC is kind of like the Canadian version of Chinatown FC: an amateur squad of urban, arty-types with more style and merch than most professional clubs. And God bless them for it because they provide some excellent options for those who what to rep the game without going to obvious; there are some times, some places when a jersey just isn't the best look.

GFC have a nice little online boutique stocked with all of their wares and then some. If you like your footie gear bespoke, classic and just a little pricey check them out here. And if you want to sort me out with a Christmas gift I'm feeling the scarf/snood collaboration they've done with Reigning Champ. Must. Have.


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oh I did not know or head about Gastown FC or the Canadian version of Chinatown FC, but it is nice and interesting to see there are clubs like those :D

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If you like your footie gear bespoke, classic and just a little pricey check them out here.

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