Cosmos Experiencing Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

This landed in my inbox last night:

Management Update from the New York Cosmos

November 2, 2011 (New York, NY) - There has been a buyout at The New York Cosmos and management changes have taken place in various areas of our organization. This also results in a full restructure of both our business and staffing, which will continue to be assessed by the new leadership team that is expected to be appointed within the next 60 days. It is unequivocally the goal of the current ownership to become an MLS team in the most expedient manner possible, and decisions for the club will be made with this in mind.

Craziness. Or is it really so crazy with the reputation Paul Kemsley had? Who am I to say.

It appears though that real change is in the air over at 75 Greene St., with executive director Joe Fraga already asked to leave. All jokes aside, good luck and godspeed to all those whose jobs may be on the line.

Now with all jokes front and center, please let Busta Rhymes re-record a new version of "Arab Money" with the Borough Boys choir. Could be their terrace anthem.


Brian said...

You must be enjoying this, haha.

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