When People Say Something is "Just Crazy Enough to Work", the Detroit Stadium Plan is EXACTLY What They are Talking About


Y'all seen then stadium proposal in Detroit? Looks crazy but if they can pull it off more power to them because I actually think The Mitten would be a better spot for an MLS club than The Wang. Not nearly as fun of a roadtrip -mojitos and beaches top all- but a better home for a soccer team.

Unless you are Chicago or Toronto fan. In that case Detroit would be the roadtrip.


Brian said...

Dude that looks f*cking tight! I'm not a Detroit sports fan in the slightest sense, but I'm all for them getting a team as long as the fan support is there. Attendance wasn't that great for the USA vs. Canada Gold Cup match, but sh*t 30,000 and REAL grass!?? That's better than Vancouver and Portland could do. I'm not knocking Portland's and Vancouver's fan support but the artificial turf they brought to the league is disappointing.

jim c said...

wow, the future really is now.

Michael F said...

can someone from the area confirm - isn't the stadium far from the city center? way out in the burbs?

Mingo said...

The Silverdome is in Pontiac. Something like 30 miles from downtown Detroit.

Brian said...

Wow. I had to idea Pontiac was THAT far from Detroit. Not sure it's the best idea then.


Anonymous said...

Not far from where the pistons play

Mingo said...

It's like that for a number of MLS squads:

* 26-32 miles from Pizza Hut Park to downtown Dallas (depending on route).

* 15 miles from Toyota Park to downtown Chicago.

* 15 miles from Home Depot Center to downtown LA.

* 27-30 miles from Gillette Stadium to downtown Boston.

* 14 miles from Rio Tinto to downtown SLC.

* 16-19 miles from Livestrong Park to downtown Kansas City.

* 16-17 miles from PPL to downtown Philly.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the HDC's distance from downtown L.A. :
L.A is a bit of a different case as no one really thinks of the City of Los Angeles as L.A. alone, rather that ALL of L.A. county is considered L.A.(Carson is pretty centrally located in L.A. county) Heck to some most of Southern California is L.A. (looking at you, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim...)

LA G said...

No one is mentioning the fact that the seating on the bottom tier has basically NO incline to it. The views would be terrible close to the pitch and even worse in the nosebleeds in the second tier.

Host PPH said...

wow that is a super mega project, and by looking at the picture, it would be incredibly amazing! way to go for Detroit!