@TheOffsideRules: The Tweet Secret is Out


Been MIA for a few days; was busy trying to come to grips with the fact that Kasey Keller is retiring and that the new Justice record is basically weak. Don't think I missed anything though, did I?

While caught up in all that it somehow came out that there is an @TheOffsideRules Twitter account. I've been sitting on it for a while but since the secret is out I would suggest that you do give it a follow if you are a member of the Tweeting class. I can't say when, if ever, it will be unleashed on your feed but just in case I decide to say something amazing or something changes with the work Twitter you know how to get at me. So won't you follow me?


Mecra said...

classic house till i die!

India Pharmacy said...

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Hostpph.com said...

oh that is so nice, I will go to sign in on my Twitter account and look for you to start following you, thanks :D