RBNY's Presence on ESPN Explained


From Brian Lewis' piece in the New York Post over the weekend on MLS ratings:

"The top-viewed league game on ESPN _ not including World Football matches _ was the Red Bulls’ June 26 tilt against Chicago, which drew 622,000 viewers, to edge out the Galaxy’s March 15 game vs. always-popular Seattle.

The best viewership for ESPN2 was the Red Bulls’ June 23 game three days earlier against those same well-supported Sounders, which was seen by 410,000. And the top Spanish-language broadcast on ESPN Deportes? New York again, this time the rescheduled Galaxy home game on Oct. 4, seen by 94,000."

Think about this the next time you find yourself seconds away from tweeting "why does ESPN only show NY, LA and the PNW teams?" It's because people watch them. They may be terrible, violent, dysfunctional and annoying at times but people watch them. Kind of like the cast of Jersey Shore.

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