NSR: Nine Inch Nails "Zoo Station"

This month's issue of Q Magazine comes with a free CD celebrating the 20 year anniversary of U2's incredible Achtung Baby. Entitled AHK-toong BAY-bi, it's a track-by-track covers album featuring Depeche Mode, Snow Patrol, The Killers, Glasvegas and a bunch of other rich people bands taking on the classic album from 1991.

Above is the surprising standout track for me: Nine Inch Nails' subtle, nuanced take on the album's lead-off track "Zoo Station." Haven't had much time for Trent Reznor since, oh, high school (save the odd DFA remix or Gary Numan collabo) but this is excellent stuff. You should cop it.

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pay per head said...

20 years tribute for U2. I think that it is a great song. They did a great job with it.