NSR: M83 "Midnight City"

The video for M83's "Midnight City" just dropped so everyone else can just go on and put the cameras and lights down now because the video of the year has been made. Seriously anonymous record label marketing dept. save your promo budget, use it on tour support instead.

It's kind of on some ComicCon-goes-to-SVA sh*t but I dare anyone to make a video this year that can match this for storytelling, effects, cinematography and ability to capture the forlorn, retro-futuristic mood of the song so effectively. The only improvement even possible would be if after the screen goes black at the end there was a single shot of the little blue-eyed kid dropping the mic.


edgar said...

another great find sir!

Jamie said...

I was hoping they were going to tie in some product placement and Force start a Volkswagen.

I still think what I thought the first time I heard this track: "This sounds like a really, really good Washed Out track."