NSR: Gardens & Villa "Star Fire Power"

OK by now most of y'all have probably figured out my musical taste and you either think I'm a vapid snob who tries to hard or you are just as superficial as I am and find the company delightful.

If you fall into the latter try and take in Gardens & Villa's "Star Fire Power" in it's entirety as it's one of those tracks that builds slowly until it smolders. Kind of like The Police if they dropped Andy Summers for a synth-player. Basically they are Santa Barbara's Grand National.

H/T to BlearyEyedBrooklyn for the video.


Michael F said...

yes! good band + from santa barbara!

xl pharmacy said...

Fantastic band! I have listened to their music since I was younger, and I even must admit it was an important part of my childhood.

pay per head said...

It is the first time that I listen their music and it doesn't sounds bad. Thanks for the recommendation.