NSC Minnesota Stars x Dark Clouds x Oasis

So this is a kind of cool clip that was sent to me by NSC Minnesota Stars defender Kevin Friedland with the following note attached.

Hey Shawn,

Hope you are well.

I wanted to share a video from the first leg of the NASL Championship and the last home game in Minnesota. We, the Stars, won the first leg 3-1. After the game, we went and sang Oasis 'Wonderwall' with our Supporters group, the Dark Clouds. This song has been our victory song this year and singing with the fans after the game was one of the coolest experiences in my 8 years playing in Minnesota. You might even be able to see Bruce McGuire in the stands.
If any of you can find DuNord Bruce let me know because I love that beardy bastard. I also love seeing the wall between athlete and fan melt away a little; always nice to see the players and the people come together...even when they are all singing Oasis as off-key as possible.


JIM said...

If you want, you can see Bruce losing it and praising whatever higher power would listen here:

Lucas said...

Happy for the Dark Clouds, that gang defines loyalty. MLS to Twin Cities!

jim c said...

thanks lucas, we are definitely trying!

Sandra Davis said...

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