Jozy Altidore is Doing All Right for a Kid That Used to Play For RBNY

Jozy Altidore's Pumpkin

Y’all remember when Young Jozy signed my pumpkin? That was a fun night replete with Bruce Arena’s smirks and tequila shots with Joey Vide. Jozy was just a baby then, hadn’t even suited up for the Nats yet if I recall correctly. My how s*** done changed for him (and his former club but that’s another topic entirely).

On the eve of his Red Bull Arena debut things finally seem to be on the up for The Boy King of New York and Jersey after a wilderness period in Europe. Unsurprisingly, ESPN’s Jeff Carlisle has the skinny on it because he is pretty much the Man right now when it comes to these types of things. Follow him on the Twitters if you know what’s good for you.


Brian said...

Cool post, SF. I've been following TOR since like 2009 and I had never seen that one.

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