If You Get the Caption in This Post About Rio Ferdinand You Are Punk Rock. Also, Old.


Manchester United defender and apparent victim of Carlos Tevez' penchant for amateur proctology Rio Ferdinand will not be headed to the land of Old Style and Wilco anytime soon according to the Chicago Fire.

“There is no substance to these current reports that the Fire is negotiating with Manchester United and the player to bring him to Chicago,” a Fire spokesperson said. “We have watched and admired the play of Rio Ferdinand for a number of years, and we would be thrilled to have a player of his quality join the Chicago Fire Soccer Club.”
So sorry y'all. Looks like the infamous hot-shorts won't be making an appearance on the streets of Bridgeview this summer. Shame, that.


Rene said...

WOW, SF, WOW. I don't even know what to make of that picture. WOW.

I didn't even read your post before posting this comment. That's how shocking this picture is.

With that said... http://i.imgur.com/KnfxN.jpg

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Haha. Love it, SF. I played there a couple of times. An absolutely filthy, punk as f&ck place, with no door for the toilet.

Mingo said...

Great image find SF!

Anonymous said...

yup used to play there all the time. I was in the denied, distraught, jesus chrust etc.

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Hostpph.com said...

wow what the hell is that?? my first thought was that it was a photoshop montage of any kind, but when I saw it well, I realized it was not, what were Tevez doing???