AEG Should Just Go on & Call Them the LAsia Galaxy


If the blog of the Philippine Football Federation treasurer is to be believed the Galaxy's post-season trip to Australia might be turning into LA's "Last Call for David Beckham" Tour*. PFF executive bean-counter Bonnie Ladrido, erm, spilled the beans last night by mentioning on his blog that LA Galaxy president Tom Payne will be in Manilla next week to tour facilities and all that other executive-type stuff. Additionally matches in Singapore and Jakarta are allegedly on the boil as well.

Hats off to LA for exploiting the Pacific Rim for all it's worth during the Beckham era. In the past 5 seasons they've played games in Australia (twice with a third on the books), New Zealand (twice), South Korea, China, Hawaii, and even exotic Vancouver before the 'Caps joined MLS. Surprised they never rocked Japan though as I heard Becks was big there.

*This is if Brand Beckham doesn't extend his contract with MLS, which he very well may.

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