BTW FYI ICYDK Rafa Marquez is a Crazy Person

By the way in case you didn't know Rafa Marquez is a crazy person. I would love to write something interesting and funny about this but at this point taking the 5 minutes to pen something to the effect " Rafa Marquez at the center of 'Dramatic Event X' in NY" just seems unnecessary. Not because I'd be piling on to the avalanche of missive's already devoted to yesterday's post-game "incident" but because Rafa Marquez has been at the center of 9 out of 10 dramatic events in NY this year. It's just too predictable at this point. Dude is the T.O. of MLS.


Lucas said...

wait wait wait wait wait. You mean to tell me that Rafa Marquez is a reprehensible shitheel thug who reacts to his own failures with violence and clown-like theatrics? This I refuse to believe.

Signed, Cobi Jones and Tim Howard.

Anonymous said...

Hey TiTi - control your boy will you?

On second thought, since Landypus and loco Rafa are both punks, let's find a steel cage and get Tina Turner to referee...#TwoMenEnterOneManLeaves

Brian said...

Hey SF, remember when you and other NYRB fans convinced yourselves that you liked the Rafa signing and you were ok with it?

I will always give you guys sh*t for that, but hey welcome back to reality.


SF said...

Yeah Brian a lot of folks tried to learn to love the atom bomb but got radiated in the end. What's that they always say about how you should trust your initial instincts?

So if you happen to have some crow handy I'll take mine with hot sauce.

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