Afro-Germerican™ of the Moment: Royal-Dominique Fennell


Who the hell is Royal-Dominique Fennell? I have no idea and you probably don't either unless you are Brian Sciaretta, Philneezy or German. Apparently though he plays for Stuttgart Kickers, his dad is (surprise!) a U.S. serviceman and he's been called up to Caleb Porter's U-23's. That's pretty much all you need to do to be named Afro-Germerican™ of the Moment so congrats Royal-Dominique.

So the TOR list of known Afro-Germericans™now reads like this:

  • Royal-Dominique Fennell (defender, Stuttgart Kickers)
  • Jann George (forward, FC Nurnberg)
  • Jerome Kiesewetter (forward, Hertha Berlin)
  • Tim Chandler (defender, FC Nurnberg)
  • Jermaine Jones (midfiedler, Schalke 04)
  • David Yelldell (keeper, Bayer Leverkusen)
  • Fabian Johnson (forward, Hoffenheim)
  • Terrence Boyd (forward, Dortmund)
  • John Anthony Brooks (defender, Hertha Berlin)
  • Danny Williams (defender, Hoffenheim)
  • Andrew Wooten (striker, Kaiserslautern II)
  • Shawn Parker (striker, Mainz II)
  • Tyrone McCargo (striker, FC Nurnberg)
The cool/crazy/badass thing is that only Yelldell and Jones are old guys. All the others may be in various stages of their careers but they are all young, playing at a decent level, and U.S.-eligible at a time when there is a German running the Yanks.

No way in hell all these kids will be international-level players and even if they were I'm sure Germany would pick off a few for themselves but please forgive me if I find the whole thing intriguing just for the sheer fact that in 1941 an all-black, German team would have been America's worst nightmare but in 2011 sh*t just might be the future.


Anonymous said...

His name alone earns him a call up. That name is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog. Hopefully the list of Afro-Germericans continues to grow.

Brian said...

Royal-Dominique? LOL yeah his Dad definitely is African-American

Anonymous said...

@ Brian
As if you know! I happen to know Dominique and so I know for sure his Dad is American.
He is a very decent, nice young lad and I very much dislike seeing him discredited from people the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

Discredited means LOLing at him.

Matt said...

We call them Blermans (Black Germans) and you can find them here: http://www.blermans.com

Anonymous said...

Some of you Guys are verry disrespectful about Fennell.I know him well,he is a verry fine young Man with Manners,which some of you missed that part of Moms raising!!!!He lives for Soccer since the Age of 10....

pay per head said...

Germany is well known for its Caucasian players. But it is great that there are Afro-Germany players too.