"I Think I'm Coming Down With Something, May Need to Stay in Today"

If you are reading this and haven't made it to work or school yet today, CALL IN SICK. If you are reading this from your place of work or school, FAKE AN ILLNESS AND GO HOME NOW.

Why? Because the FIFA 12 demo has dropped; do I really need to say anything else?


Mingo said...

I hurriedly turned on my PS3 only to find out the demo hits tomorrow.


I'll have to keep myself busy playing the Rugby World Cup 2011 demo.

SF said...

I think it hits at 5pm today for PS3, hit at 5am for XBOX.

pay per head services said...

hahaha I remember when the FIFA 12 demo was released and yes I did call in sick that day, I could not miss that, I played all day!