How Did Bobby Blue Eys Spend His Labor Day Weekend?


How did Bob Bradley spend his Labor Day Weekend? Hanging out in Customs at a Mexican airport apparently. Word is he was down in Torreon interviewing for the Santos Laguna job. Would be awesome if he got it or the Egypt gig; love the idea of an American coach having multiple overseas job options that don't involve teaching English in China during your post-grad year.


afrim said...

Bradley was texting Bornstein:

"im here at the terminal where u at?"

Mingo said...

I am intrigued to see what he can do with a non-MLS club team. Hope he lands it!

Danny Beerseed said...

Coach Sweats looks as about as surprised as can be that he's been found out in Mexico. Too funny.

pay per head services said...

well I do really think he was in Mexico looking for a coach position, he is not for a Mexican club, they have different soccer styles and culture, maybe he was just enjoying the holiday