"Did they give you extra hair in the game? Because it looks like it is a full head of hair."

Now this looks much more natural that that Solo v. Nash clip. Either LD and Lincecum have better writers and a semester of Improv for Athletes under their belt or they were legitimately talking sh*t with one another. Either way it's gold.


Eric Flatness said...

Oh man, the locals are kicking butt today! Lincecum and Solo, representing WA!

Anonymous said...

NO idea where you find these videos but keep 'em coming!

"I can do that in real life you know..."

"Why can't pitchers hit?"


Jeff Agoos said...

Awesome! And even more amazing is Landon actually appears to have a personality...who would ever have known that the classless punk can be funny and even smile? Glad to see it!