Bobby Bradley in Egypt, Surrounded


The image above is of Bobby Blue Eyes surrounded by reporters at Cairo International. Allegedly he's been hired by Egypt but since everybody thought he was hired by a foreign entity the last time he was photographed in customs I'm going to take it easy on writing whatever it is I think about this move.

This flies directly in the fact of the Soccer Blogger Code of Reactionary Rambling About Things That Have Happened That I Know Little About But (Wrongly) Feel Like Everybody Wants to Know What I Have to Say About It Beacuase My Opinion Counts, Damnit™ and I'm OK with that. Hopefully you are to.


Mingo said...

If this is officially confirmed I'll have to start watching their games to see how Bob does.

Pay per head wagering said...

hahaha I read your text first and I was picturing in my head the USA DT surrounded by lots of reporters and I found it a little bit funny