Afro-Germerican™ of the Moment: Jann George

Jann George

Bam! There's another Afro-Germerican™ out there, which now leaves me one man shy of having enough players for a Starting XI (thanks for the tips). His name is Jann George, he's 19 and he scored the other day for Nurnberg's U-23's; I know this because Brian Sciaretta, czar of Americans Outsourced to Europe™ reporting, says so.

He is also the Black Stuart Holden™ due to his shockingly accurate approximation of our Stuart's look. Which may or may not be a good look for him, the jury is still out.

So the unofficial Afro-Germerican™ count now looks like this.
  • Jann George (forward, FC Nurnberg)
  • Jerome Kiesewetter (forward, Hertha Berlin)
  • Tim Chandler (defender, FC Nurnberg)
  • Jermaine Jones (midfiedler, Schalke 04)
  • David Yelldell (keeper, Bayer Leverkusen)
  • Fabian Johnson (forward, Hoffenheim)
  • Terrence Boyd (forward, Dortmund)
  • John Anthony Brooks (defender, Hertha Berlin)
  • Danny Williams (defender, Hoffenheim)
  • Andrew Wooten (striker, Kaiserslautern II)
Come on TOR-folk, find me an 11th man!


jim c said...

dur. fabian hurzeler.

SF said...

Nope. Hurzler is not the son of a Black, American G.I. Have decided that once I find 11 of these guys I'm starting an absurdly niche blog dedicated to this absurdly niche strain of player.

Anonymous said...

Not even joking, have you shown this list to Klinnsman's people?

Brian said...

Shawn Parker. Mainz. He's probably going to be Germany's because I hear he is one of their top strikers for his age group.

Rene said...
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Rene said...

I see a 3-1-5 formation? You need that 11th man to be a midfielder.

Marcus said...

David Spies from VfL Bochum, U-19?

Mingo said...
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Anonymous said...

I can see it now.... George John pass to Jann George... GOAL!

Brian said...

SF I have an 11th man for you!

Tyrone McCargo (striker, Nurnberg)

I think this article may be about his Dad:


Brian said...

Yanks Abroad article about him:


Pay per head sportsbook said...

I have to confess that I have not seen this new and young player Jann George before, but I will keep an eye on him