Afro-Germerican™ of the Moment: Andrew Wooten


This may not to be news to those of you who follow German football but today I was informed of yet another Afro-Germerican™ player I had no idea about. His name is Andrew Wooten and he's with Kaiserslautern's reserve team.

If he's any good I haven't the faintest. Ask Philneezy, he could tell you maybe. Either way that brings the unofficial headcount to 9.
  • Jerome Kiesewetter (forward, Hertha Berlin)
  • Tim Chandler (defender, FC Nurnberg)
  • Jermaine Jones (midfiedler, Schalke 04)
  • David Yelldell (keeper, Bayer Leverkusen)
  • Fabian Johnson (forward, Hoffenheim)
  • Terrence Boyd (forward, Dortmund)
  • John Anthony Brooks (defender, Hertha Berlin)
  • Danny Williams (defender, Hoffenheim)
  • Andrew Wooten (striker, Kaiserslautern II)
At this rate we'll have an all-black military brat starting 11 by the time Camp Cupcake comes in January. And then I will be forced to create a stand-alone blog about the phenomenon. Unless Spangler saves me (and you) by writing one of his masterpieces on it before then because this has ThisIsAmericanSoccer.com trend piece written all over it.


Anonymous said...

Jann George in on the verge of making the first team at FC Nurnberg.

Tyrone McCargo, a left winger, is also in the Nurnberg system.

Alfredo Morales is on the first team roster of Herth Berlin. Born in Germany, he can play for either the US, Germany, or Peru.

Pino said...

Im sorry but there is nothing African about any of these players...

Being black does not make you african, being from africa makes you african.

That said, thanks for the research always good to keep tabs on potential USMNTers

Brian said...

So Pino...you're saying someone like SF can't call himself African-American?

pay per head bookmaking said...

Afro-germerican??? wow that is the first time I hear that word and I can imagine that it means that Andrew Wooten has African, (German) European and American origins, wow what a combination!