Toyota Park's Tunnel Vision

You ever wonder what goes on in the tunnel in the run up to gametime? I'll tell you: it's nothing but champagne & Gatorade spritzers and all-you-can-eat crabcakes. Can you believe that sh*t? No? Good because I'm lying.

The tunnel is a place where 20 year-old keepers give pounds to white-haired security guards, cleats make an exceptionally loud sound and bro hugs are often doled out at a backstage-at-the-Source-Awards frequency. Also it may smell of sweat and cut grass.

But maybe that's just the tunnels I've been in. Here's what the tunnel at Toyota Park is like.


Mark said...

love these behind the scenes looks.

Frank Lloyd Wrong said...

Love how that dumba** architect messed up and put a column smack dab in the middle of the tunnel!

viagra online said...

wow I never imagine it before thanks for the video!