Portland Reserve Game Draws FC Dallas-Sized Crowd


Attendance for the Dallas - Seattle match in Frisco on Saturday: 11,635. Attendance for the Portland - Vancouver RESERVE match on Sunday: 10,077. I don't care what club you follow, you can't hate on numbers like that coming out of JELD-WEN for a bench-league match. Unless you're from Seattle I guess; y'all will hate on anything from south of the Columbia River just because.

But hater-assed haters aside, that's sh!t's impressive. PDX, we see you.


Will said...

Gotta give it up to the Sounders fans that made the trip and stuck around for the reserve game too. They were loud as... heck.

The game itself was pretty good too, with the Timbers winning on the back of two stoppage time goals.

It was my first reserve game and I will be going back for more.

SF said...

Sounders fans or Whitecaps fans?

Texas Tippler said...

That's a great attendance for a reserve game, and crappy for a regular season game, but it was around 105 in Frisco, and probably 80 for the reserve match.

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