Muse Bassist Living My Dream, Trains with MLS Club One Day then Plays Lollapalooza the Next

Y'all mess with Muse? It's not for everybody but the former record store geek in me can't resist the arena-destroying, prog-rock preening that these guys somehow get away with. They are my generation's Rush & Queen but without the Canadianism or gay stuff (not that there is anything wrong with either).

Their bassist is Chris Wolstenholme and he can do this. He's also a bit of a footie freak who uses his status as a rock god to blag his way into practices and stadiums around the world. The most recent club that he's imposed upon is MLS' own Chicago Fire. He and his band headline Lollapalooza tonight so why not warm up with a kickabout with Franks Klopas & co.?


www.castellon-3d.com said...

What namely you're saying is a terrible blunder.

Pay per head said...

oh that is a nice piece of information and for the record I love Muse, I have all the albums and I would have loved to go to Lollapalooza