MLS: Coming Soon to a Convience Store Counter Near You


Have you ever stood in line at your local bodega or 7-11 clutching your 32oz. dose of high-fructose corn syrup while staring at the scratch offs and day-dreaming about the day that you could purchase your very own soccer-specific lotto tickets? I know. I have too.

MDI Entertainment has reached an agreement with MLS "to make logos and trademarks associated with MLS and its teams available to lotteries for instant games." You know what that means? More Landon Donovan in a sombrero adverts!

Maybe there will be some uber-nerdy, MLS-centric games. Games that only the hardcore could get. Games like:
  • Andy William's Scratch-Off Trade-Off: get 3 logos for any of the teams that Andy Williams has played for and win a trip to Utah or Jamaica, your choice.
  • Allocation Ace, where in lieu of a cash prize you will allocation cash for your club.
  • David's Do: match 3 David Beckham heads with the same hair cut, win lifetime supply of product.
  • Get the Goat: match 3 Chivas USA logos and your club gets their #1 spot atop the allocation order.
  • DP Dollars: match any 3 Designated Players, win $405K
  • Rookie Life: match three 2011 rookies that are still on an MLS roster , win $45K, and an apartment with 3 other dudes.

*That's a lie. I have not. Can you forgive me baby?


Anonymous said...

this made me giggle. :)

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