Men in Red Holding White Party Tomorrow Night


Can't believe the Fire are having a White Party without having the foresight to invite Diddy or myself. I mean look, you can’t have a White Party without Diddy. It’s like standing in a crowded elevator and making a lame joke (“Everybody suck in.”); it’s not coolest thing, it's just the done thing.

My absence is probably for the best though as I’d be inclined to dress like Moon Safari-era Air, dance to music that may not be appropriate for a man of my age and drink up all the champers in Chicago, which would kind of be a douche move with New Year’s Eve less than 6 months away.

But you guys in the Chi should go in my (and Diddy’s) stead. And take photos. Lots of boozy, white-washed, baller-assed photos.


Mike said...

I went. There was so much liquor and beautiful people it wasn't even fair.

pay per head software said...

oh it is a shame that I could go there because I was working all night long, I would have so much fun and so much hammered LOL