John Spencer: "For All Your Tattoo Needs, I Recommend Octopus"

UPDATE: video has been reposted.

A couple of things here:

1. Congrats to the Spencers on the new addition.

2. We don't get to see the tattoo. I'd like to see the tattoo just so I can have closure.

3. This is not tattoo music. My wife has like 8 tattoos, we have several close friends who are noted tattoo artists (namedrop: Patrick Dean, Dave Shoemaker, Kevin LeBlanc) and every single one of my high school friends were straight edge, hardcore-types who dragged me to Born Against shows. Needless to say I have spent an inordinate amount of time in tattoo shops for someone who's skin is as virginal and untouched as Chivas USA's No. 1 allocation spot. And you know what? They play everything from Wilco to Slayer in there. They do not play massage music.


Anonymous said...

Video was pulled, what the heck was this about. I'm so confused.

SF said...

Well that sucks.

It was a clip of John Spencer in a tattoo parlor. Second time today that I put a clip up of Portland and they pulled it. Well at least I know SOMEONE in PDX is still reading with TOR.

Varchild said...

Pretty sure the music in the clip is from the Lake Oswego (a rich suburb where John and Merritt live) chamber of COmerce. I don't know much about octopus tattoo but I assume it's still a tattoo studio.

Anonymous said...

John Spencer is such a nice guy! Scots are well known for their calm demeanor and easy going manor. Spencer is no exception from plugging his local tattoo studio to kindly discussing calls with referees.