Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?

On occasion nascent bloggers will ask me questions about blogging. While I do not feel that I'm in any way the O.G., end-all-be-all authority on this game I have been in it both personally and professionally for more than a minute now so I'm always down to share what I know.

And this much I know, today: not everyone you think is down with you is your friend. Sounds paranoid, jaded and ridiculous I know; after all we're talking about soccer blogging here, not The Real Housewives of MLS County, but don't be shocked when your "friends" say things about you in print, on Wordpress, in comments on Facebook or on Twitter that they would never say to you in real life.

Why we do this I don't know even though I've done it myself. Maybe it's just old-fashioned cowardice coupled with that weird pleasure we derive from bagging on someone else. And trust: as someone who has spent years passing judgement on people, places, organizations, and achievements I have firsthand knowledge of how easy it is to just be all "blah blah blah dude X sucks" when you think no one is watching.

Maybe that's the answer, you get what you give. Oh well. Take it away Whodini!


Anonymous said...

Fake Sigi is sub BigSoccer-level commentary.

Robert said...

So true.

http://theoffsiderules.blogspot.com/2011/08/clint-dempsey-modelo-man.html said...

haha that is so true I agree with Robert and as a matter of fact I do have friends like that and they are my best friends actually!

pay per head software said...

oh well I cannot tell that I have friends exactly like that, but I can tell you I have friends somehow like that hehe