Cosmos Road Show Hits Manchester Today, Vegas in Feb.


Not content to just do their thing in the Paul Scholes testimonial match at Old Trafford today, the Cosmos organization is set to take part in something called the Vegas Winter Kick on Feb. 12th at Sam Boyd Stadium. Word out of Sin City is that the promoters, Justice Entertainment, say the opposition "will be a quality team that is recognized worldwide."

Any guesses who they'll be playing against? As it's February I won't place my chips on it being anyone from Europe so I'm going to say it will be someone from South America; as Santos showed us last year at Red Bull Arena --and RBNY showed us last week-- those guys have zero qualms about taking transcontinental trips in the middle of the season to collect a check.

I might go to this just to justify going to Vegas again. And if this turns out to be Cosmos 2.0's North American debut that might be interesting enough in and of itself since the last time a team playing under the Cosmos name hit Vegas they were A) professionals, B) played against Eusebio's Las Vegas Quicksilvers and C) somebody probably got pregnant and/or VD*.

*It was the 70's, things happened.


Mingo said...

I think I'll be making this run. Makes for a good excuse to skip out of LA and see my folks. They better lay down some decent grass though, Sam Boyd is normally astroturf.

Brian said...

I want to be on record that I FUCKING HATE THE COSMOS!! They ruined the NASL by, in effect, becoming a monopoly. Now they've made comments that they want Beckham, Messi, and Christian Ronaldo. It'll end the league, if that ever happens. I like MLS's parity, thank you very much. Nobody knows who will be great and who won't from year to year. Making a 'super team' kills the league.

Jimmy said...

Aye, they better do. I'm expecting a nice game!

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