Clint Dempsey: Modelo Man

The aesthetics of this advert are just weird, right? It looks like we're in some bizzaro world where Clint plays in the FMF. Strange. Half-expect to see the dude in the bee costume come in to the shot halfway through. I guess Clint Deezy is catching up with LD and reaching "big in Mexico" status.

Now if any of the Yanks that actually play in Mexico ever get endorsement deals for Mexican or Mexican-American focused products we're going somewhere.


andrés said...

For real...and where Mexicans speak English. Wait, what?

viagra online said...

jajajaja you know is always funny beer commercials, I don't know how the people think in this kind of ideas, in my opinion of course, the best are the ones in appear some super model or some sexy girl.

pay per head wagering said...

haha that is so weird indeed buddy, but believe it or not I liked the commercial so much, thanks for sharing because I had not seen it before!