VIDEO: U.S. v. Costa Rica Trailer

Can I say something that may or may not be controversial here? I'd really like to see the USMNT eschew friendlies against CONCACAF teams not called Mexico. I'm well aware that it helps to get a game or two in against teams you'll face in World Cup qualifying from time-to-time but that's what the Gold Cup is for, right?

Maybe I'm just bored by seeing the same teams over and over again. I think we need a bit of strange y'know? Thank God we have Belgium to look forward to.


Brian said...

SF, I agree. We're already gonna play Costa Rica twice in the 4th round (the "Hex") of 2014 World Cup Qualifying, assuming the USMNT and Costa Rica make it that far (which I'm sure will happen). Hell we could even face them in the 3rd round of qualifying too.

If we're calling up the USMNT vets (Boca, Dolo, LD, Deuce, MB90, etc) to this game there's nothing really to be learned here. We already know Costa Rica.

The location of this friendly seems odd though. Are we really gonna have our Euro based players fly all the way to LA right after they start their club seasons? Methinks this could be an MLS and Mexico heavy roster.

Brian said...

Also, a note to US Soccer: You probably want to refrain from using Jonathan Bornstein in your highlight videos.

-Signed a fan who attended the Gold Cup Final

Jay said...

There's plenty to be learned from this game -- if you're bringing in Shea, Bunbury, Gonzalez, Evans, Loyd, etc. There's a whole crop of MLS talent that hasn't ever played Costa Rica.

It might not be exciting for the fan, but when has Scowly Bob given a damn about that?

Brian said...

Hence why I said if we're just calling up the USMNT vets to this game there's nothing really to be learned here.

But anyway, yeah it might be slightly beneficial if guys MLS like Shea, Gonzo, John, Ream, Feilhaber, Agudelo and maybe even Davies provided that Bob also calls in some of the Euro-based USMNT-vets, some of the Euro-based USMNT-newbies (Chandler, Diskerud, Gatt), and maybe some of the Mexico-based players (Gomez, Torres, Castillo?) and tries to weave the MLS guys into that camp and roster.

Bob however should leave off guys that are working off injuries (like Deuce, Dolo, and Holden) and players trying to establish themselves at their new clubs (or reestablish themselves at their old ones) (like Bradley, Spector, Gooch, Adu, Guzan and Jones), so that leaves guys like Boca, Bedoya, Donovan, Howard, Goodson, Edu and Kljestan.

I think Camp Cupcake-like friendlies are ok, but it's best (if possible) to call up a few young MLS guys and weave them into what is more or less the already established USMNT.

P.S. - Not sure why you would want to call up in Brad Evans. Dude doesn't even start for the Sounders and he's going to be a career, average MLSer, and Bunbury has been shit of late.

BK said...


There is no more hexagonal. They changed the CONCACAF WCQ system.

Steve Goff said this friendly will likely be MLS/NA based players and the Belgium friendly squad will likely be made up of Euro based players for ease.

I agree with SF about not scheduling CONCACAF teams but I think a lot of it has to do with convenience (travel).

Me Here said...

There is no more hexagonal. They changed the CONCACAF WCQ system.

Nope, it got changed back. The hex will be in place for the 2014 qualifiers.

Brian said...

BK, the Hex still lives

Anonymous said...

This is useless but there's still nothing more LAME than MLS friendlies. MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY

Mr.Brown said...

Remember when we used to beat teams like Costa Rica?

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I think that Costa Rica was a so much better team than USA to be honest, but Costa Rica did not know how to score the goal that they need to qualify to the world cup