Today In Celebrity Glory-Seeking: G N' R x USWNT Edition


It's official: everyone has had something to say about the Women's World Cup except for me. Once the former bass player for Guns n' Roses/Velvet Revolver chimes in on Wambach, Morgan, Rapinoe & co. you know the USWNT lovefest has officially turned into FrontRunnerPalooza. Can't wait to hear what Bobby Dall out of Poison has to say about the ladies during next year's Olympics; I bet he's got some awesome hairstyling tips for some of the longer-haired players.


Jamie said...

I was going to say, Ladyhawke is starting to look pretty worn out...but nevermind, it's just Duff McKagan.

jon said...

While his comments were completely inane and no different from any other typical anti-soccer writer, it's not like they came out of no where. He has a weekly ESPN column in which he is presumably paid and/or encouraged to write about things he has no idea about.

settingthetable said...

Articles and comments like this remind me of this SNL skit when Wayne Gretzky hosted. It was set in the LA Kings locker room after a Stanley Cup loss, and these Hollywood stars came in and gave Wayne different suggestions the Kings could have done to win.

Dana Carvey as Sylvester Stallone suggested they sign a midget as goalie, then give him a stick with a blade the same dimensions as the goal, then he could just stand behind it in the goal and the other team would never score.

duckless said...

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Las Vegas Sportsbook said...

Guns 'n' Roses what a great band, isn't it?? I would love to go to one of their concerts to make my dream come true!