Philly "In The Mix" for ASG 2012

Any betting men out there willing to put money down on Philly to host the next All Star game? I have no inside info on this but I'd favor them over other candidates like K.C. --which hosts the MLB All Star game in 2012-- and Houston, who have to be a favorite for MLS Cup 2012 with a gleaming, new AEG-backed stadium in a warm-weather market on the way.

But who knows. Maybe Montreal grabs a big event right out of the box in their expansion year. And let's not forget that the allure of the Pacific Northwest is always hard to ignore. Damn, there really are a lot of options.

Remember when there were so few SSS you predict the ASG and MLS Cup hosts like clockwork? Seems like forever ago. Now you need Chris Angel, an unmanned CIA drone and a Ouija board to figure that s*** out. Times have changed y'all, times have changed.


Eric Flatness said...

i'd love to get one in Seattle, but Philly would be great as well. Perhaps MLS Cup in Montreal next year. They're really going to have to make time for putting the MLS Cup in each of these new stadiums. Kind of disappointing they have it at HDC this year.

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