Martin Solveig ft. Kele: Ready 2 Go

There was a time when Kele Okereke and Bloc Party were it. Then they went on hiatus and Kele went solo and it all pretty much went to sh*t. Now he's singing on songs for French people to use in the most French videos around not featuring Pepe Le Pew.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. But on the bright side we'll always have "Helicopter."


francesco said...

man, silent alarm was a blinding album, just a case of another band with a smashing freshman album only to go downhill with their later releases. you could say the same for bon iver or cutcopy.

Jamie said...

Disagree! I think 'In Ghost Colors' is superior to 'Bright Like Neon Love' in every way!

I also happen to think that, taken on its own merit, 'Intimacy' is a fantastic album.

Jamie said...

Er, 'Colours'.

Alex said...

Bon Iver? Not sure what you're talking about, the new one's fantastic

Jamie said...

I've tried a few times to dial in to that Bon Iver album (I didn't care for the first one, either), and I just cannot for the life of me figure out what everybody is so crazy about. I like that last track (the one that sounds collaboration between Peter Cetera and Dream Academy), but the rest of it bores me to tears.

I guess it's just not for everybody.