Finally a Helpline for Earthquakes Fans

So the Quakes have this new fan relations hotline. They also have a really budget promo for it as well. Now you, the fan, are supposed to use this number to contact Fan Relations for any gameday questions or issues you might have...within reason.

No one has asked me to do this but here's a list of 5 issues not to call them about:
  • Don't ask them when they are getting a new stadium. You don't know and neither do they.
  • Do not ask them why there isn't promotion or relegation. There is a separate line for that: it's called BigSoccer.
  • Try not ask how to spell "Wondolowski" or "Ampaipitakwong." That's PR's deal.
  • Do not ask them to book you an appointment with whoever does Steven Lenhart's hair.
  • Try not to ask the cute-sounding girl or guy on the line what they are wearing. It's kind of creepy. Also, the answer will most likely be "khakis."

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