Fanatic X Announced Today, Tournament on Saturday


Once again the most fashionable pickup tournament God has ever allowed the sun to shine upon, adidas' Fanatic tournament, is set to descend on Manhattan's West Side this weekend with all of the advance warning of an F5 tornado.

I honestly love this event. Seriously. It's the city's best amateur soccer event and a staple of my ever-lightening summer social calendar but the short notice routine is waaaaay tired. Maybe it's to do with trying to keep the event exclusive or something equally unegalitarian but it's almost like they don't want people to know when it is.

Why am I so pissed? Because after months of asking around when the tournament is, it's being held on the day I'm going on vacation. Figures. SF can't win y'all.

Anyway, selfish diatribe aside here are this year's teams:

Freeman’s Sporting Club, Nom de Hooligans, The Smile, The Standard FC, United Bamboo, Bowery United, MA3 Killers,
Supreme Team, Miss Lily’s, Diner Old Boys, VICE FC, Psyop, Chinatown Soccer Club, Monkeyvibes, ACE Hotel’s ‘ACE + Co’, ’Opening Ceremony FC, Visionaire’s ‘V-team’, Last Magazines ‘Last United’, Complex Magazine’s ‘Complex FC, and Supreme Records.

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