Brek Shea is an Artist Damnit

I know a hair joke is almost expected from me for a Brek Shea post but I'm going to break from regular programming this morning to just gush about the guy's art. Seriously, some of dude's stuff is pretty good and I love him for it. There's some real talent there or at least enough that Coldplay are biting his style now.

I also kind of have to hate on him though. Wasn't being a young, moneyed-up pro athlete with hair the color of sun-brewed lemonade enough? Now you have to go and show off your sensitive, artistic side? What's next Brek? You gonna mess around and save the whales, rain forests and The Event from getting canceled?

Good luck Dallas-area bachelors, Brek Shea may not be The Most Interesting Man in the World but he might interesting enough to steal your girl.


Barrak said...

True, but he is ugly as fuck.

Anonymous said...

"Once I learn to mix together colors and learn what mixes with what..."

Yeah, Shea, you are an artist.


This is shite.

You're a God Damned modern art masterpiece.

Alex Larsen said...

Haters gonna hate bro. Some of that stuff is really good.

Jay said...

All video producers should know by now that you tell your talent to turn off their smart phones when they're wearing a wireless mic. Biddy biddy blierererp. That just reeks of professionalism.

Yeah, I'm a hater.

Pay per head said...

hell yeah! Brek Shea is such a good artist, this is the first time I see something as original as this! good for him!