Long Live LIVESTRONG Sporting Park


So I spent a good part of yesterday at the new park in Kansas City and the place is a palace. So in the interest of sacking up and stating that I was wrong, wrong, wrong I hereby rescind my previous statement re: LIVESTRONG's place in my personal SSS pecking order. For me this place is in a dead heat with RBA for the number one spot. Can't wait to see what it's like tonight with a crowd inside.


Super Rookie said...

Amazing stadium and I can't wait to see it next Tuesday for the Gold Cup.

However, I do think that Sporting Kansas City will regret being associated with the fraud that is Lance Armstrong.

There are better and more caring charities than Livestrong to be associated with, and I hope this doesn't hurt the club.

Hell, even NPR is reporting about this. :)

Brian said...

Get over it. Livestrong contributes millions and millions of dollars to cancer research every year. Even if it is true that Lance use PEDs, he still overcame cancer and his foundation is helping a lot of people fight cancer. I say bravo to SKC. Great cause.

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