Showdown in Chinatown Returns Tomorrow

It's that time of year again. The time when the giraffes from the NBA do battle against the best soccer players Vancouver Whitecaps co-owner Steve Nash --which is how he will be referred to from now on-- can muster in a park below Houston St. in NYC. The Showdown in Chinatown is tomorrow and as per usual I'm gonna be all up in it like Bennett.

Past years have featured footie and roundball greats such as Soloman Kalou, Baron Davis, Javier Zanetti, Edgar Davids, Thierry Henry, Steve McManama and Jason Kidd. Who's playing this year? See the list below and I'll see you tomorrow.

Soccer ballers
  • Patrick Vieira (World Cup winner, France)
  • Demba Ba (England’s West Ham)
  • Youri Djorkaef (France World Cup winner)
  • Giuseppe Rossi (Spain’s Villarreal)
  • Claudio Reyna (Former USA World Cup team captain)
  • Simone Sandri (Former Novara Calcio)
  • Richie Williams (MLS, DC United, US National Team)
  • John Nash (Steve’s father, former Highlands Park FC)
  • Martin Nash (Former Vancouver Whitecaps FC)

Round ballers
  • Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns)
  • Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs)
  • Grant Hill (Phoenix Suns)
  • Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee Bucks)
  • Jared Dudley (Phoenix Suns)
  • Marcin Gortat (Phoenix Suns)
  • Leandro Barbosa (Toronto Raptors)


PK said...

Are Grant Hill's ankles even capable of this? You better bring a stretcher SF...

Anonymous said...

Anyone should just go down to boo Rossi

Anonymous said...

that was dope!!!

Anonymous said...


"Labels: Basketball, RICH PEOPLE, Steve Nash."

Rich People is right!

Is there a way to watch the whole match or more highlights???

Anonymous said...

What about amare!!!!

Brian said...

You're not gonna pull out the basketball and soccer mutual appreciation society tag?

SF said...


Snap! I'm slipping. Good looking out.

Sportsbook Software said...

hmm I had no idea that the be NBA players go and battle against the best soccer players there, but it would be nice to see that!