Run-DMB Runs South of The Border


According to the Steven Goff, our DaMarcus is in Mexico meeting with Pachuca. I'm not him and I'm not a player but if the numbers in Goff's piece are to be believed I kinda think I'd stay in Germany and collect my check or come home and play for less money before I'd go to Mexico.

Pachuca's a fine club, my favorite in Mexico if I have one, but something about that league as a whole just seems like the DMZ between playing domestically and playing abroad. Feel like I would do one or the other if it was me...but it's not so maybe I should STFU.

Still it would be cool to see the Tuzos become PachucAmerica with the Pitch-Peeing Prince™, Jose Torres and Herculez Gomez on the books. True, rumor has Herc leaving there soon but we can dream of a Yank-led power wrecking shop in Mexico, right? I mean if the USMNT can't get a win down there maybe some of our alumni can.

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Brian said...

"Pachuca wants...make sure he doesn’t have any physical issues"

Lol do they know who DaMarcus Beasley is? I kinda agree with you. I kinda feel like DMB has become a bit of a joke, but I ain't gonna say nothing about a man and his money. If he wants to just collect a paycheck at Hannover, then cool for him. Just don't be asking for any USMNT call ups. Who is his agent? Lyle Yorks? No idea how that guy pulled that one off. DMB is really the only USMNTer who made a move post-World Cup. Was he showing Hannover some DMB highlights from '02-'06? LOL.

200k from MLS sounds about right. Although I have a feeling Yorks is gonna try to at least get Benny Feilhaber money out of MLS. If any team takes DMB for that kind of money, they are out of their minds.

A Mexico move would be interesting, not a lot of brothas play down there, but I'm not sure if he would fit in that league (I don't watch a lot of it).