Punks Jump Up to Get Beatdown: Journalists v. Players Edition


Yes, there is a rainbow in the picture. Those things are pretty and happy, right? But there's also a UN truck on the touchline and I can't figure that's a good thing because, let's be honest here, the UN is only called in when things have gotten way too real.

But if the latest news out of Liberia is to believed, that truck might be there for the purpose of keeping players from issuing beatdowns to reporters who portray them in less than flattering lights. Who knew former MLSers Francis "Grandpa" Doe and Luis Crayton were living the thug life?

[H/T to IMS]


JIM said...

Crayton would have been playing for us in Minnesota last year if his ACL hadn't blown out on him in the first game of the year.

All our local soccer bloggers dodged a bullet.

www.salamanca-3d.com said...

Gosh, there is really much worthwhile data here!