NY Times Running U.S. Soccer HR Dept. Apparently, Lining Up USMNT Coach Candidates


The gossip mill isn't even fully revved up yet but the NY Times Goal blog is already speculating as to who could replace Bob Bradley as USMNT boss. Amazing. Apparently we are shunning the traditional full week of post-Gold Cup "should he stay or should he go?" chatter before we move on to "____ is the leading candidate" talk.

I know some of the conspiracy theorists, doomsayers, and Bradley-bashers among us will read the line from Gulati (
“We’ll have something to say later this week") as foreshadowing or prophecy but to that I say "chill Winston."

Whether you think Bobby Blue Eyes has done a good job or not --personally I haven't agreed with all of his roster decisions but I think he's done the best he can with what he has-- it's kind of early and to talk about who could replace him when we don't even know he's gone yet.


ERic said...

Actually, I disagree. Before he's gotten rid of is exactly the right time to be looking at possible candidates. If all available possibilities are crap, then it'd be stupid to get rid of him. So you have to look at the options first.

SF said...

If you were the fed I'd maybe buy that. But the NYT is not the fed.

Lucas said...

More important is who replaces Gulati when he eventually, and mercifully, fucks off.

Jason Davis said...

Chill Win-ston...it's only Plank.

Brian. said...

I'd like to replace him, but I just don't see it happening. Gulati, Flynn, and the rest of the board of directors at USSF would never give someone the power and control that someone like Klinsmann or Bielsa would want.

Our penchant for giving up early goals, or collapsing in games where we have a lead, has to fall on someone, and I think it's gotta fall on him. Also, I definitely find his roster selection, lineup and sub decisions very perplexing. Going back to the World Cup: Starting Findley and Clark, instead of Buddle/Gomez and Edu? Selecting Wondo, Rogers, and Bornstein for the Gold Cup roster? Leaving off Buddle/Gomez/Bunbury and initially leaving off Bedoya? Going with Bornstein when Dolo got hurt instead of Spector, or Ream (and moving Boca to LB)?

We're definitely at a difficult point. We are in a big transition period right now, especially on defense.

Our captain is still in my opinion our best centerback, but as he showed against Mexico, he's definitely slipping. Cherundolo is aging in years, but I haven't noticed any slippage, he was great in the Gold Cup. However he is very injury prone, and his injury showed us that with someone like Chandler not on the roster, we have zero depth, and we're forced to rely on crap players like Bornstein. And sadly, I think Gooch is done. He's only 29, but I do not feel he'll ever get back to his 2009 Confederations Cup form. I think that injury cost him his USMNT career. Maybe he'll get back in form with Sporting Lisbon, but I'm starting to feel like he's the new DMB. Just pickin up a paycheck. Goodson is a decent CB, but he still leaves something to be desired. Ream, clearly isn't ready yet, but hopefully he improves. He, as well as Gonzalez, Opara and John need some more shots with the national team. Also, it's time to get Whitbread integrated into this team.

Hopefully are stars (Dempsey and Donovan) can keep it going through 2014. Dempsey looks as if he's still getting better and better. I am beginning to worry about Donovan. Something looks off with him, and I wonder if he has peaked, and we will be only see flashes and glimpses of 2010 South Africa Landon Donovan.

I am very hopeful about guys like Lichaj, Chandler, Holden, Bedoya, Agudelo and yes, even Kljestan, Jozy and Adu.

Hopefully 2014 isn't another 2006.