NSR: New Chiddy Bang Mixtape

Chiddy Bang have dropped a new, "Swelly"-themed mixtape over at Illroots that may be the best thing to come out of Philly since the Carlos Ruiz wondergoal goal from a few weeks back. If you like your rap happy, clean-ish and peppered with liberal amounts of indie hooks I suggest copping this now. This is summer music y'all, something poppy you can sweat to with a smile on your face. Don't sleep.

Bonus: "Manners" is going to be big with the kids. Sebastian Le Toux's nose-big.

UPDATE: Upon a 3rd, headphoned listen this is by far the whackest of the "Swelly" mixtapes; too many sub-par hooks and less witty, more ignorant lyrics. It's not really that vulgar by contemporary hip-hop standards but for CB it's a disappointing step back.

I'm sure if you've read TOR for any length of time that sounds funny being that I've been known to "work blue" on occasion but I just can't stomach the n-bombs and "hos." Think I might officially be on some Bill Cosby sh*t now when it comes to hip-hop. Somebody get me a sweater.


Collin said...

Agree with the Update comments. On the first listen I was happy as ever with his stuff, but, upon a second listen, disappointment crept in. Gimme Swelly Express any day.

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