NSR: Chiddy Bang "Mind Your Manners"

This may end up being my summer rap anthem. You have to have a new one every summer, you see. If not there is virtually no way to time-stamp the drunken, sweaty capers that make the season so memorable. Except for photos on Facebook.

Although Chiddy Bang's recent mixtape wasn't all that and producer Xaphoon Jones' penchant for utilizing sped-up indie songs for hooks might get him pigeonholed as a nuevo College Dropout-era Kanye West, this track is just fun for fun's sake with a hook that's hard to hate. A sing-a-long head-nodder for ages 13 to 39.


Jason Davis said...

Generic-y. But fun.

Anonymous said...


Mine so far.

Anonymous said...

Crap I'm 39