Just a Reminder


Hate is a four-letter word and I shouldn't use it. I also shouldn't hold grudges as I'm attempting to be a grown up as of late. But Torsten Frings....breath SF. I guess if I got over Rafa being in MLS I can get over this guy. Maybe.


Brian said...

Lol I root for the German national team (except when they are playing the US of course), but I have always loved your "hate" for Torsten Frings and those goddamn Jerrys.

I bet your happy he's not playing for RBNY, but like I said back in your linked post if there's anyone who can get over a signing like this, it's you Red Bull fans. How you feeling about Marquez after this past weekend?

Anonymous said...

Pathetic Amis. Deutschland Uber Alles, bitch.

pay per head wagering said...

hehe I do understand your hatred, I also hate Torsten Frings since he scored some good goals to my country soccer team LOL