Hoboken is the Manhattan Beach of the East Coast


If there is a Red Bull New York ghetto, Hoboken, NJ is it. The city that is notorious for an inordinate amount of colorless bars, post-college frat boys and hot-yet-bland future trophy wives is also home to Tim Ream, Austin da Luz, Carl Robinson, Juan Agudelo, Matt Kassel and Hans Backe*. Read all about their lives in "the Mile Square" and sympathize with Backe as he laments the city's lack of a proper badminton pitch in the latest issue of H-Mag.

*Full disclosure: I'm a former Jersey City resident and Hoboken is to JC what Seattle is to Portland. It's not better or worse, just different.


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I think that the Red Bulls have a very competitive team for this season, but I do not know why they have not done it that well as I thought