The Free TT Movement: Because Someone Has To, Right?


I'm not saying he should be freed --I mean he did hit a dude in the back of the head-- but I just love "Free Person X" movements. They never work but they're always so precious and spawn great t-shirts and stickers. So make yours today!


Brian J. McNely said...

He made the same loving gesture a few weeks back—don't recall to whom, or which match.

I can see a yellow, sure. I wonder if the red isn't because MLS officials were on the lookout for the Titi Love Tap™?

Anonymous said...

It was probably half love tap and half make up call for the knees to the spine of pretty much every Timbers defender when jumping for a header.

Anonymous said...

TT's a punk...can't wait for someone to hand him his ass on a plate...preferably an Irish lad at that!

pay per head bookie said...

in my opinion I think that if he hit a guy in the back of the head, he has to pay for it and that is it! simply!