DateASounder.com: It's a Real Thing (Sort of)


Ladies of Seattle, do you fancy a bit of futbol-financed flesh in your life? If so may I suggest you visit DateASounder.com. There you will find video dating profiles for Puget Sound's most eligible, soccer-capable bachelors like Roger (pictured above) who hails from "Portland but not that Portland" and lists his hobbies as "chopping down trees". Go to town ladies.


jon said...

I'm a Portland supporter and I thought this was great. The spots were funny and it's a good way to take advantage of the fact that pro soccer players in the US are largely normal (and sometimes goofy) guys. But I'm sure my TA brethren will lampoon the hell out of it, heh. Also, who among us doesn't love things that have to do with chicken?

Pay per head bookie said...

well first of all I really think that that guy has to shave his beard first and then we can talk about making a commercial, just saying