Carles Outs Himself as Soccer Fan in Grantland


One should NEVER co-sign on an article they haven't read. So I won't co-sign on this article in Grantland from Carles of Hipster Runoff fame...but maybe read it anyway. Not because it's Carles and his sh*ts always bratty and funny but because maybe if a soccer piece gets good traffic on Grantland they might actually feature it from time to time.


Brian said...

Didn't he kinda out himself with his "USA BRO" post on HRO during the World Cup?

Anyways, he seems pretty knowledgeable about the team, but he's incorrect about Freddy. Freddy clearly showed that there's still a lot left to his story. I know Div. 2 soccer in Turkey sounds like a bit of a joke, but he looked full of confidence against Mexico on Saturday. For the first time in his career a club team actually believes in Freddy and is willing to give him the "keys to the car", if you will. Hopefully he can keep improving and turn this into a 1st division move.

Sportsbook said...

Hipster Runoff seems to be a nice blog, I will go and pay it a visit to check it out, thanks for the recommendation!