VIDEO: Allie Bedoya Swags Out in Sweden

I won't front and pretend that I pay attention to what's going on in Sweden because I don't. Hell, I'm barely concerned with Spain or England these days. But I know baller-assed performance when I see one --or 1:20 of one at least-- and Alejandro Bedoya gave one this weekend against FK Viking Ikea 1645.* Bravo duder. See you stateside this summer, Gold Cup in hand.

UPDATE: Damn did I put the Gold Cup jinx on Alejandro or what? My bad.

*Not really the name of the team but it doesn't matter because you have no idea who they are anyway.


Brian said...

Allie Bedoya? Sounds like a hot supermodel to me

Mingo said...

"FK Viking Ikea 1645"

I've gotta use this name for my next club team in FIFA'11 or 12.

Derek said...

I'm a Crew fan and even I can't believe Bobby B. chose Robbie Rogers over Bedoya.

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